San Diego Chargers

Chance of making the playoffs

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  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Chargers

Week 12Impact on the Chargers playoff chances
Saintsvs.RavensIf Saints win +1.50%If Ravens win-1.47%
Jets@BillsIf Jets win +0.48%If Bills win-0.53%

Week 13Impact on the Chargers playoff chances
Chargers@RavensIf Chargers win +18.40%If Ravens win-18.57%
Jetsvs.DolphinsIf Jets win +2.00%If Dolphins win-2.04%
Billsvs.BrownsIf Bills win +1.65%If Browns win-1.59%
Saints@SteelersIf Saints win +1.61%If Steelers win-1.58%
Buccaneersvs.BengalsIf Buccaneers win +1.60%If Bengals win-1.63%
Broncos@ChiefsIf Broncos win +1.03%If Chiefs win-1.05%
Packersvs.PatriotsIf Packers win +0.52%If Patriots win-0.52%
Giants@JaguarsIf Giants win +0.40%If Jaguars win-0.41%
Redskins@ColtsIf Redskins win +0.32%If Colts win-0.39%
Titans@TexansIf Titans win +0.32%If Texans win-0.38%
Seahawks@49ersIf Seahawks win +0.28%If 49ers win-0.25%
Eagles@CowboysIf Eagles win +0.17%If Cowboys win-0.14%
Panthers@VikingsIf Panthers win +0.14%If Vikings win-0.14%
Cardinals@FalconsIf Cardinals win +0.13%If Falcons win-0.14%